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Sea freight

Global coverage of the Evergreen Line inserts Portugal on the main routes of world trade and ensures, for exporting and importing, various containerization formats accordingly to the specific nature of the goods

Far East
With 10 weekly routes, Evergreen Line connects Portugal to emerging markets of the Indian Sub-Continent and Southeast Asia, as well as to China, Japan and Australia..

United States (East Coast)

A comprehensive weekly coverage of the Atlantic Coast offered by Evergreen Line, connecting to inland origins / destinations in the United States turns on a privileged access to one of the world’s major markets.


The Evergreen Line intra-European network ensures efficiency and flexibility in connecting Portugal to Europe northern markets, through multimodal tools that allow shipping of goods to their final destination. The extensive service coverage includes Central Europe, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Poland, Russia and other Baltic countries.

The Mediterranean, North Africa and the Black Sea

Evergreen Line offers, through its Hub in Piraeus, an access to Black Sea ports and different areas in the Mediterranean, including countries in North Africa.


West Africa

Weekly service via Algeciras, allows an efficient connection to the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana.


East Africa

Weekly routes, serve ports in East Africa, including Mozambique.


 Special equipment and controlled temperature units

In order to move cargo with extra dimensions and weight, to transport hanging garments or ensure the transport of perishable goods, Evergreen Line provides its customers special equipment and reefer containers.